Product information 102806


Product information | Item number: 102806
T6/T6.1 Gas spring Hydro Lift 1500N with reinforced mounting/ball cups in metal design

  • Enormous damage to the vehicle or persons can occur during assembly and/or incorrect handling.
  • Therefore, installation should only be carried out by qualified automotive personnel under their own responsibility.

Care of the gas spring:

  • The ball cups/mountings must be inspected, cleaned and regreased every three months for normal use and monthly for heavy use (dusty slopes/areas or extremely heavy loading).
  • The tailgate hinges must also be checked and greased regularly.
  • If this is not observed, severe wear on the gas spring, the mounting points/ball cups and on the vehicle can be expected.

Busschmiede Exklusiv Maier GbR is not liable for any damage or consequential damage due to improper use, incorrect handling or incorrect assembly.